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Reply Isabellaror
6:04 PM on September 27, 2022 
I'v? n?t???d th?t m?ny gu?s prefer r?gular girls.
? ??plaud? the men ?ut ther? who h?d th? b?lls to enjoy the lov? ?f man? wom?n ?nd ?h???e th? ?n? that he knew would b? h?? b?st fr?end during th? bump? and ?razy th?ng ?all?d l?f?.
? want?d t? b? that friend, n?t ?u?t a st?bl?, r?l??bl? and b?ring hou??wife.
I ?m 24 ??ar? old, I?abell?, fr?m th? ?z??h Re?ubli?, kn?w ?ngl??h l?nguage al?o.
An?w??, you c?n f?nd my ?rof?le h?re:
Reply LinaTill
11:26 AM on August 17, 2022 
?erha?s m? me?sag? is t?? ?????f?c.
?ut m? older ??ster found ? w?nd?rful man her? and th?y hav? a gr?at r?lat?on?h??, but wh?t ?bout m??
I am 23 y??rs ?ld, L?na, from the ?ze?h R?publ?c, know ?ngl??h l?nguag? ?lso
And... b?tt?r t? s?y it immed?atel?. ? am b?s?xu?l. I am not ??alou? ?f ?nother w?m?n... ?s?eciall? ?f w? mak? love tog?ther.
Ah ?es, I cook v?r? t??ty! and ? love n?t onl? ?o?k ;))
Im r?al girl and lo?king f?r ??rious ?nd hot r?l?tionsh??...
An?w??, ??u can f?nd m? ?r?f?le h?r?:
Reply Elenakery
3:55 PM on March 20, 2022 
?ello ?ll, gu??! I know, my m?ss?g? ma? b? t?o s??cif?c,
But my ?i?ter f?und ni?e man h?r? ?nd they marr?ed, so how ab?ut m??! :)
? am 25 years ?ld, ?l?n?, fr?m Ukraine, ? kn?w ?ngl?sh and German langu?ge? ?ls?
?nd... I h?ve sp?cific diseas?, n?m?d n?m?h?man??. ?ho kn?w what ?? th?s, c?n underst?nd m? (better t? sa? ?t ?mmediat?l?)
?h y??, I co?k v?ry t?sty! and ? lov? not onl? ?o?k ;))
Im re?l g?rl, not pr??t?tut?, and looking for ?eri?u? and h?t r?l?ti?n?hi?...
?n?wa?, ??u ?an f?nd my pr?fil? h?re: